Quarry Hill Farm, once known as The McGovern Farm has been a functioning dairy & maple farm since the early 1800's.

In 2008 we move out of the old sugarhouse into a new, more accessible location closer to the road. This allowed us to open the doors to the public!

As always, Farming of any type is a family affair. My husbands ancestors worked this land for generations before we had the honor of purchasing and revitalizing the farm. My daughter and three sons all take a part in the everyday workings on the farm, and we're so proud of them.

The logo on our jugs was designed by well know artist Tara Gareau. It depicts my husbands grandfather and his horses collecting sap. A time honored tradition here in Vermont.

Sugar on snow is just one of our community events. We love having locals, and locals at heart, as our guests. Daily tours of both the sugarhouse, barn and stone quarry are free and open to the public.