Happy New Year Sale on Quarts!!

Happy New Year(Quart Sale)!

Now that Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and Boxing day are all safely behind us we’re ready to ring in the new year with a brand new Happy New Year Sale on Quarts!!

I’m not much for resolutions, mostly because I’m terrible at keeping them.  I’ve certainly done some damage over the years to my credit card trying to get fit by ordering thigh masters, workout tapes, ab – whatever’s, but nothing ever stuck.  I’ve also quit many a “bad” habit, or tried to I should say.  Junk food, pizza, chocolate,(really?! what was I thinking!), fatty foods, Alcohol, (<snort> should have known I’d fail at that), and probably the most insane… Bread.  I love bread, so I question my sanity when I made that particular resolution.

While thinking about those crazy exercise fads, and the contraptions that went along with them, including this crazy pull type contraption that I attached to the door which almost sent me to the hospital with a concussion.  It broke and I went flying is all you need to know.  Anyway…I thought I would share some of the vintage exercise equipment I found on the Google machine before I would get into the details of our quart sale.

Vintage Exercise Equipment

First up and maybe the most terrifying is this one called The Revolving Hammock.  My initial thought when I saw it before I realized I was oh so wrong, was ooh, laying in a hammock!  I could handle that, (picture, swaying gently back and forth in the soft breeze of a warm island get-a-way).  Apparently sipping Mai Tai’s on the beach will not get you a young spine.

Happy New Year Quart Sale/new years resolutions

Ouchie back over extender is what it should be called.


Ok, this one I just love and may consider breaking my no-resolutions policy for. I mean relax the pounds away?!  Yes please!  This relaxAcizor touts the benefits of looking thinner and more beautiful without the tiring, bothersome sweat that comes with actual exercise. How could that ever go wrong?!

Happy New Year Sale on Quarts/vintage exercise equipment

My kind of exercise let me tell ya!!

I had to include this one! Who isn’t reminded of the old lounge chairs that every women I know sunned themselves in and promptly fell out of. I mean if you couldn’t stay in it while laying perfectly still, how in the world would you figure we could exercise in the dang thing. What is the girl in the picture a gymnast or something!!!

Happy New Year Sale on Quarts/vintage exercise equipment

I wonder if the model survived this photo shoot. Can’t you just see her falling over and getting tangled in this contraption?


And this one, well I have no words… I’m thinking maybe Massage Pants just couldn’t be marketed without giggling.  Plus the man modeling these didn’t want anything under these shorts slenderized.  Just saying….

Happy New Year Sale on Quarts/Vintage exercise equipment

Massage Pants? Really?!

By now you’re probably asking yourself how you ended up reading about vintage exercise equipment when all you wanted to do is order some syrup right?! If you’d like to see more examples of crazy exercise equipment from the past check out this link. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/01/vintage-fitness-equipment-weird-past-workouts_n_913479.html Hope you enjoy it!

Now, How about those quarts of syrup:

From now until February 1, 2016 we’ll be selling our Organic Quarts of Maple Syrup for just $16.50.  AND, if that wasn’t enough; When you buy more you  save  more. One quart for $16.50, 2 quarts for 33.00, 3 quarts for $50.50!!

Have a Safe and Happy New Year

From my family to yours please have a safe and Happy New Year.  Hug those you love, appreciate what you have and above all:  FORGET THE RESOLUTIONS!!! JUST LIVE!  WOOHOO!


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