Maple Syrup Meme’s and Why We Love Them

The winters are long here in Vermont.  Very long.  We find meme’s of all kinds funny, but maple syrup meme’s and t-shirts we find punch drunk kind of funny.  As I said the winters are long….

Why Maple Syrup Meme’s

I was going to write a post about maple recipes, how syrup is good for you, how we make it here on our 5th generation farm, blah, blah, blah, but then decided that I would just show you meme’s instead.  It’s not that I’m lazy or anything, it’s just that all these Pure Vermont Maple Syrup websites are exactly the same, and I want to be different.

Please enjoy, and if you happen to find a meme that I didn’t include below let me know! I’ll be sure to share it.

Ordering Maple Syrup

If you have any problems ordering maple syrup email me and I’ll be glad to help.

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