Half Pint Vermont Maple Syrup (organic)


Half Pint Vermont Organic Maple Syrup



Quarry Hill’s half pint may be the cutest syrup jug ever!! ┬áIt has enough syrup in it to handle a decent double stack of pancakes, sweeten 10 coffees, make 30 decent soft maple candies, or to give as stocking stuffers, party favors or gifts.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 4.5 in

Delicate, Rich, robust


Our lightest syrup in both color and flavor. It doesn't have that serious maple punch like the other grades, but it's still delicious on pancakes, in recipes that are more refined, (like fudge and maple pie), and it's especially good on a heaping bowl of vanilla ice cream.


Our Rich grade lives up to it's name. It's sweet and has a full maple flavor, but it has something the other grades do not. It has a complex almost buttery flavor that is just simply wonderful. It's definitely the Sugarmakers choice by this Sugarmaker.


Robust is our strongest flavored syrup. It's not as sweet as the other grades, but it has that maple punch people are looking for in a sweetener, (it's still good for pancakes though, so no worries!!). Robust can vary in color, so it's graded on flavor alone. The strongest flavored syrup we get for the season goes under this grade.


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