Quart Jug Vermont Maple Syrup (Organic)


Quart Jug Vermont Organic Maple Syrup

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Quart – Perfect Gift Giving Size.

Quarry Hill’s Organic Quart Jug  just might be the most perfect sized syrup available.  It’s enough syrup to get a person through more than one breakfast where a double stack of pancakes is present, thats for sure, but not so large that you have to build an addition onto your house to store it.  The quart size jug also makes a great gift.  Warning:  Giving maple syrup as a gift is guaranteed to make you the most popular person in your family, so be sure you can live with this status!!  🙂

3 Boiling Pans

3 Boiling Pans

All of our syrup is made right here on our 5th generation family farm in Jeffersonville, Vermont.  In addition to making delicious organic maple syrup my husband and I along with our 4 kids milk a herd of Jersey cows, and run a Flat stone quarry (Jeffersonvillequarry.com).  We’re busy, busy, busy!

Hope you enjoy!

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 7 in

Delicate, Rich, Robust


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