Here’s where you’ll find the latest information on what’s happening on the farm, as well as online sales and coupons for maple syrup and maple products.   Check back here often, (at least once a month!), to see what Quarry Hill Farm has to offer.

First a little bit about us:  We’re a small organic family farm that has 5 generations of Maple Sugarmakers behind us making sure we tow the line.   We boil sap with an emphasis on taste, quality, and sustainability.  Although we do use the latest in boiling technology, we insist on syrup tasting the very best it can.  It must be working, because we’ve won several blue ribbons for which we are very proud.

We love making maple syrup, but are quickly becoming  known internationally for our smooth, creamy, and tasty maple cream, also sometimes known as maple butter.  We make it in small batches often, so that you receive the very freshest cream possible.  Made from just syrup that’s been reduced and stirred this wonderful concoction needs no additives or preservatives.   Try some today!

Maple Cream, pure maple syrup reduced and whipped into a delicious spread

Maple Cream – Maple Syrup Reduced and Whipped into a Delicious Spread

Recently we added Vermont souvenirs to our store and website.  We’ve chosen the highest quality shirts, mugs, hats, and more.  Please check out our Vermont Souvenirs page for a complete list of what’s available.  Here are some examples:

Coupon of the month is:   i love maple syrup!   Using this coupon will get you 10% off anything in your cart.  No limits or restriction.