Mini Donkey’s

Chuckles and Half Pint

Occasionally loud, but always ready for a treat, Chuckles and Half Pint are a star attraction on our farm.

Occasionally loud, but always ready for a treat, Chuckles and Half Pint are a star attraction on our farm.

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  1. We visited your farm October 7, 2015. It was early morning before 9am, so we missed the opportunity for a full tour. However, we were pleasantly greeted and served by a very astute and highly personable young man named Kaleb. He let us taste the difference in maple syrup (dark and medium amber) – we preferred the amber, but also chose some dark to let our friends and family see there are different types of syrup. But the main attraction for us was how Kaleb made us feel welcomed to visit your farm – as if it wasn’t all about making a sale. He also treated us to a “special deal” because I was a retired military veteran and both of our children are currently serving in the military. To have such a young person as Kaleb show not only the maturity to manage your store, but also to show such respect for those having served in the military was even more of a pleasure than the purchase of your maple syrup at such a great price (and believe me, we were smiling all the way out of Vermont at each stop we made and saw the price of maple syrup elsewhere). Quarry Hill Farm will always be mentioned by us as one of the highlights of our New England visit (along will Acadia National Park, Maine Lobster, and the Fall foliage – that even if not at their peak, still was quite amazing). We will tell any and all who may travel to New England that their trip would not be complete unless they get their Vermont Maple Syrup from Quarry Hill Farm.

    Again, a special thanks to Kaleb –

    Robert & Kil Ja Humphries
    Puyallup, WA

    • Wow! So thankful that you posted this on our website. I’m glad that you had a great experience, and that you’d be so kind to tell people about us. We truly want everyone who passes through our doors to feel they are welcome and special. Kaleb is so proud of the part he played in your visit. He comes by his outgoing, friendly personality naturally, and has always loved people. He has a special affinity for those that served in the military, as he should… Thanks again for the kind words. A small family farm like ours relies solely on word of mouth advertising, so we are especially thankful when nice people such as yourselves take the time to do so.

      AnnMarie, Kaleb & the Quarry Hill Farm Farmily.

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