Welcome to our Wholesale page!

We are currently growing our wholesale market, and are looking for businesses interested in creating with or serving pure organic Vermont maple syrup.  Our syrup is award winning, certified organic, vegan and most importantly, delicious.  Our specialty grade for wholesale is either Grade A Rich, (medium amber) or Grade A Robust, (otherwise known as darker Amber and grade B).  I can ship syrup by the plastic jug, (with our label on it or a generic jug), 5 gallon food grade pail, or by the 40 gallon stainless steel barrel anywhere in the United States.

Our syrup is not, I repeat, NOT subpar syrup.  We don’t sell you what wouldn’t be sold in our very own store.  It has no off flavor and it isn’t C grade, (which is useful in some applications such as beer making and cheese rinds), but isn’t a good choice for the consumer or in food prep.  It’s the real thing made from my 6th generation Vermont farm family, and we take pride in the product that we make.

It’s currently sugaring season as I write this.  In fact, I’ll be boiling sap into syrup at 2:00 today!  If you happen to be in the area please feel free to stop by.  We love visitors, and my son Kaleb does a mean tour of the facilities.


How to order?

Every wholesale situation is different, so simply email me with what you would like and I can work out a cost plus delivery fee for what you need.  It’s that simple!

I look forward to hearing from you,

AnnMarie & family